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With an uncompromising dedication to quality, health, safety, and the environment, BIRE has been a pioneer in the provision of construction services. We achieve this by combining open communication with our staff members and a work environment built on respect, accountability, and discipline.

BIRE has a highly qualified management team and personnel who leverage their hundred percent to satisfy the growing demands of the construction industry. We are also looking forward to inculcating cutting-edge equipment to participate in upcoming, difficult large-scale projects in order to meet the expanding market needs for diverse construction.

We will continue to strengthen our dedication and capabilities in the construction industry with integrity and a drive for business success while being proud of our accomplishments.

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With a highly skilled team, we offer services that satisfy our customers and ensure that the work is done with 100% safety.

Construction Work

We design, plan, and oversee the construction of buildings, bridges, roads, dams, pipelines, water, and sewage systems with the help of a responsible team of civil engineers and designers who give the utmost priority to client satisfaction and the safety of our engineers.

Civil Engineering

The task of constructing, enhancing, and safeguarding our immediate environment falls to civil engineers.


We know the significance of staying one step ahead of our client's evolving needs and offering solutions to meet those needs in a fast-paced business.

Commercial & Industrial Property Maintenance

With the help of our professionals, we at BIRE take full accountability for handling the upkeep of the products we deal with.

Installation of Optical fiber

This includes the technique for installing optical fiber cable in HDPE ducts.

what is city infra

Founded in the year 2022, BIRE has been incorporated by Mr. Harishankar Singh executing heavy engineering and construction in PAN India. He is currently the Managing Director of the company. Mr. HS Singh has an experience of 20 years in civil construction. The company has Dinesh Singh, Ramveer Singh, and Prem Singh serving as the director of the company.

The company has a joint venture with Banke Bihari - Optical Fibre Cable Work in Haryana and R&C Infra Engineers Pvt Ltd in U.P.

BIRE also works as a consultant for Civil & Real Estate firms by providing services such as manpower supply, safety training programs, audit, and property services.

In recent years, we've come to regard ourselves as more than just a construction company. We work to strengthen the economy and improve the quality of life in the communities we serve.


who we are ?

Vision: Our vision is to create an environment for customers with full satisfaction with maximum utilization of resources. We aim to consistently provide our clients with the exceptional value and innovative building solutions they need without sacrificing safety and quality.

Mission: Our mission is to build India's largest construction firm and establish ourselves as the client's first choice. We want to engage qualified workers who, via their excellent job, will increase client loyalty and, eventually, trust.

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Construction of Roads, Drainage, and Building 90%
Accomplice in civil construction 90%
Installation of Optical Fibres 90%
Renovation 90%
Interior Designing 90%

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